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G42 Project 3


Volume One
"Cistern Sessions"

© 1996; 57 mins.
(G42P03V01A) cassette, ltd. ed. 96 (out of print)
(G42P03V01B) vinyl, ltd. ed. 20 (out of print)
© 2002; 65 mins. (re-release plus bonus)
(G42P03V01C/SOID015) compact disc

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1a 12:36 Solemn Vow
1b 03:30 Spooky
1c 06:06 Prince of Jerusalem
1d 05:39 Yei
** 08:24 End  (CD Bonus Track)

2a 10:07 You Will Fall
2b 04:43 Tumbling Bells
2c 06:31 Meditation Chamber 23
2d 05:12 Snepsts
2e 02:11 Spookier Still

Fritter . Dan 243 . Postman Pat
Bob Violence . Karen Stankunas . Jeff

Cassette versions are out of print.
CD re-release available through Sinusoidal Records.

Recorded entirely underground in an abandoned cistern. This release features the renowned electronic experimentalists in their first 100% accoustic recording.

All songs recorded live without electricity 1994

Mastered by Francois Lafleur, David Abfackeln and Dan 243

Produced by David Abfackeln and Dan 243

© 1996 G42 (SOCAN)

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