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G42 Project 1

Minimum Clearance 1134 Wembley's Earotica

Volume One / 1989-1993 / MC1134WE

         "Volume One"
© 1990; 45 mins.
(G42P01V01A) cassette, (ltd. ed. 42 copies)
(G42P01V01B) vinyl, (ltd. ed. 23 copies)

         (retitled "1989-1993")
© 1993; 90 mins. (re-release plus bonus)
(G42P01V01C) cassette, (ltd. ed. 93 copies)

         (retitled "MC1134WE")
© 2000; 72 mins. (re-release plus bonus)
(SOID007) compact disc

PART 1: MC1134WE 1989

1a 2:42 Timbuck Pole
1b 6:20 Falling Apart
1c 5:06 Industrial
1d 1:32 Excitement

PART 2: MC1134WE 1990

2a 1:11 Semi-Cellular Fish Plant Accessory
2b 15:13 Emergency Exit Unlimited KMS
2c 1:23 The Blender Song
2d 6:11 Nebulous
2e 2:03 Oblique
2f 3:16 The Armageddon Factor

PART 3: Untitled 1991

3a 2:03 Bunny Rabbits
3b 5:40 Pordoink
3c 2:22 Sand Bags on the Meadow
3d 8:22 Xenon
3e 3:33 Helium (excerpt)

PART 4: 242+243=EEEK!! 1991

4 6:11 Onomatopoeia/Subpoena

PART 5: Cops, Cabs and Crazy People 1993
(a d Dan/Fritter; b c Dan)

5a 3:20 Malkin
5b 1:16 Trapped
5c 7:37 What Happened Then?
5d 4:35 Post Night

Sinusoidal Re-release 2000

(Fritter/Shmeeb 1989-1990)

01 2:44 Timbuck Pole
02 6:20 Falling Apart
03 5:06 Industrial
04 1:32 Excitement
05 1:11 Semi-Cellular Fish Plant Accessory
06 15:13 Emergency Exit Unlimited KMS
07 1:23 The Blender Song
08 8:14 Nebulous/Oblique
09 3:16 The Armageddon Factor

(Fritter/Dan 1991-1993)

10 2:03 Bunny Rabbits
11 5:40 Pordoink
12 8:22 Xenon
13 6:11 Onomatopoeia/Subpoena
14 3:20 Malkin
15 1:16 Trapped

Fritter . Shmeeb 42 . Dan 243

Click here for complete credits as printed in the booklet included with the cassette in the 1993 edition.

Warning from Sinusoidal Records:

Be warned that this release is extremely experimental and not suggested for the average human listener.  Furthermore, the only available* copies of this album are from a "master" that was painstakingly dubbed from an old cassette tape (thanks to Caffeine Charlie) because the original master tapes were lost.  As such, this album may have all sorts of quality issues beyond our control.  Only the hardcore, eccentric, and extremely curious should consider purchasing this album.  Enjoy!

* Due to the very low number of copies made, the early editions are largely believed to be lost or destroyed but occasionally a copy will resurface from somebodys basement.
If you are interested in trying to find a copy,
you can post a request on the Sinusoidal Forums.

Sinusoidal CD available for purchase at Sinusoidal.com 

Sinusoidal Records, in conjuction with G42 Productions, has offered any person who has already purchased any of the earlier (non-digital) editions to trade their original copy for a CD version.
At the time of this printing, no one has taken up this offer.

All songs editted by Fritter hastily at CITR Radio 1993
Cassette print and duplication by G42
CD print and duplication by Sinusoidal
Sinusoidal version re-mastered by Caffeine Charlie
Everything else by G42

Produced by David Abfackeln and G42

Parts 1-2 (Tracks 01-09 on CD) © 1990 G42 (SOCAN)
Parts 3-5 (Tracks 10-15 on CD) © 1993 G42 (SOCAN)