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Volume 1: 1989-1993

G42 Project 2: The Theatre of Noise

Volume 1: Jack Maynard
Volume 2: Helium
Volume 3: LSDC10

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Volume 1: Cistern Sessions

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Volume 1: Bound in Human Flesh
Volume 2: Live at the Meatball
Volume 3: Luminous Mirror

G42 Project 5: Cops Cabs and Crazy People


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G42 Project 2

Theatre of Noise

Volume Three

© 1993; 56 mins.
(G42P02V03A) cassette, ltd. ed. 93 (out of print)
(G42P02V03B) vinyl, ltd. ed. 20 (out of print)
© 2005; 144 mins. (complete Theatre of Noise!)
(G42P02V03C/SOID017) 2 compact discs

01 00:16 Announcement
02 01:42 Jack Maynard
03 03:20 A Sober Right
04 05:06 Murder on Fourth Street
05 03:49 A Drunk Left
06 06:01 Lehtktchn
07 04:17 Mike, He's Got a Knife
08 00:01 Dazed and Confused
09 00:52 Entropy Free
10 01:10 LSDC10
11 01:20 Learning to Fly

12 28:14 Noise Day 1992 (excerpt)

Fritter . Postman Pat

guest musicians:
Bill Mullan (inspiration on 02,10)
and whoever it was that called up during the show and did the spontaneous vocals for 07

although 12 was recorded live, it has been edited from its original length (eight hours) and much of the content (being the nature of radio) was mixed from various pre-recorded sources.  generally, all pre-recorded content was created, stolen, or otherwise acquired by Fritter and/or Pat with the help of:
Dan 243 (eating a carrot)
Paul Siczek (safeway parking lot sessions)

Featuring the Jack Maynard single and various other products from the Limp Sink radio show including a 30 minute excerpt from the "Noise Day 1992" recordings.

All songs recorded live on CITR Radio 1991-1993

Produced by David Abfackeln and Postman Pat

© 1993 G42 (SOCAN)